OEM Parts Buying Guide for Consumers

OEM Parts Buying Guide and Terms for Consumers

Many different terms are used in advertising and product descriptions to describe OEM and non-OEM appliance parts. Learn the different terms to know what you are truly buying.

Here are commonly used  words to describe OEM Parts:

  • OEM
  • Manufacturer
  • Genuine
  • Factory Parts
  • Factory Certified Parts
  • Factory-Certified Parts
  • Engineered

Here are commonly used words to describe non-OEM Parts:

  • Generic brand
  • Exact replacement
  • Like after market parts
  • Kind after market parts
  • Quality after market parts
  • Universal replacement parts

Remember, only OEM means it was made by the manufacturer of your appliance. Don’t let someone pass off a used or generic part as the same or “better than” an OEM part.